2016 – A Counting of Years – Accounting the Year

As I sit here next to my sleeping son on his first New Year’s Eve, I can’t help but be contemplative of how 2016 has been for my family and I.

Last year, at around this time, my then fiancee and I were at a bar in Toronto; See Scape, celebrating the incoming year of 2016.  We didn’t know exactly what the new year would bring, but we did know we would be welcoming our newborn around March of the new year.

We did indeed welcome our boy, Ash, in the new year on March 7th, 2016.  As we continued into the year we rounded our our planning for a wedding and mapping out our parental leave together.

We were able to spend two months together up in Wiarton over the summer and it was truly two months of joy.  Near the end of our time in Wiarton we began looking around at properties, dreaming of where we might move from our apartment in Toronto in order to put down some roots.  The Bruce Peninsula had some beautiful offerings.

I had to find out, however, if it would work with my company.  If my moving into a remote position would fly and pair with the vision of the company.  After reaching out to one of the partners for a conversation, I was pleasantly relieved to find out it was more than okay.  That it would be a welcome change.  That I would be a welcome addition to a growing remote workforce that could help them iron out any wrinkles in their process.

We continued looking and found our home.  Made an offer.  Negotiated.  Signed an agreement.  Secured a mortgage.

And we’re here.  While we are unable to usher in the new year in our new home as it closes on the 3rd of January, we are now spending the night in our new home town.  Wiarton will be a hub for years to come, with an outer spoke up in Lion’s Head with the gravity well of Owen Sound and yearly trips to Summerfolk.

We’re here.

2016 was a fantastically good year for us.  We had our first born, got married, bought a house, and moved all our stuff up here.  One year.

In one year we accomplished many of the dreams we pulled from our grey matter.  My wife and I hope to continue dreaming and evoking them into reality.

For 2017 I hope for a globally better year for everyone else, and a decent year for us.  It will be a year of foundation building and root growing.  An expanding to fill our space, metaphoric as well as literal.

We hope for bees.  We hope for chickens.  We hope for decently operating internet and many gatherings of friends around one of our fire pits or dining room table.  Or both.

We hope for a sharing of what we have accomplished.  A sharing of our dreams with those friends and family who have the opportunity to share with us.

It’s been a big bonfire year, and for 2017 we hope for a slow and steady burn of the fuel we’re accumulated.

I hope, for everyone else, something close to what they seek.

Be well,


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