Day 1 | Send in the Spuds

It’s absurd.  I know it’s absurd.  Eating only potatoes for 2 weeks sounds like a stupid idea.  Most certainly a fad concept of a fad diet fad fad fad fad fad.

Here’s the thing.  I already said it, but I’m 275 lbs.  I’ve tried several methods in the past.  I’m still 275.  So far, I’ve come up short and wide.

I’m a fan of grand gestures.  I used to shoot the moon in hearts quite a lot.  I wouldn’t always make it, but it sure was a fun challenge, and it was fantastic to make it when it worked!

I also often ‘go out on a limb’ in Euchre; much to my partner’s chagrin.

I love making predictions, just out of the blue.  I love when they pan out.

I guess what I’m saying is that I still want to be the main character in the story of my life, and grand gestures are better for the plot.  I just hope they’re okay for the outcome as well.

At 275 I’m way off the right side of the BMI charts.  That’s not heartening.  I’ve been fortunate to have perfect blood pressure, and cholesterol levels during annual physicals so far.  I’m certain that wouldn’t be the case in 10 more years at this weight.

So today is day 1 of just eating potatoes.  The food isn’t the point.  For some it could be a fast.  For others it could be just rice.  The point is to bore your taste buds.  The point is to not be really so much looking forward to the next time you put food in your belly.

With just one meal of potatoes so far today, I can confirm I am not looking forward to the next time I eat a potato.

In any case, lets see what happens.



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