Day 2 | This Spud’s for You

I didn’t mind eating a potato this morning along with my supplements.  I think I’ll make a widget to surface my current regimen of supplements on the right.

I’ve looked into it and  I could get almost all of what I need from potatoes if I ate a full compliment in a day to maximize my caloric intake, but I’m running a deficit right now and for the foreseeable future.  After that, I’ll be running with a mostly plant-based diet.  About 90-05% of my caloric intake from plants.  That kind of a diet would also need supplements.  Though I may transition fully to the Eat to Live methodology which includes some things that fill in those gaps.

This is a drastic shift for me.  Previously I’ve had great success with the Keto diet in shedding weight and feeling great, but over time it just wasn’t sitting well with me.

All this talk of diets and something I really know is that for me it’s in my head.  It’s a mind game.  Right now I’m updating this blog frequently, I’m in the zone, it’s in my centre lane.  It’s not on the back-burner.

Heading into a parental leave in August, I was going to wait until then to start this change of routine.  Then I got to thinking that my reasoning is bullshit.  Start now while I’m in my work routine.  Then, when I get to mid-august, I’ll have even more control over my daily routine and it will be a kind of boost which I may need in a month and a half.

So far day 2 is relatively easy.  I have eaten, but not much, to gather fullness, and am working with a functional brain.  I’ve taken an advil, though, as I’m dealing with a low grade headache that I know to be capable of growing in size to be not very nice.

From what I’m reading, the resistant starch in the potato is great for your gut bacteria.  I feel like I’m slowly taking control of my gut bacteria as well.

I guess all in all, I feel good today.  It’s mid-day, and only now am I starting to feel a little physically tired.  It’s likely that my glycogen stores are being tapped into to make up for my dietary caloric deficit at the moment.  While I feel full and happy, my body will still transition through to dealing with being short on daily calories and weight loss will continue.

Have lost 4lbs so far in 2 days.  It’s not something to be excited about.  The first quick loss in any initial weight loss plan tends to come from water weight.  It takes water to store glycogen.  As the glycogen is tapped in your body, the water is released into your system and flushed out.

The thing is, this action is often what makes a person begin to feel good about losing weight.  That initial bump is a nice hit and tends to have immediate physical outcomes that you feel good about.  That being said, when the glycogen stores are drained, the real work begins for the body.  Day 3 and 4 of any initiated caloric restriction can be the worst days.  They are ahead of me now.

I hope it’s not too bad.  Today has been pretty good so far and I’d like to be in relatively good shape tomorrow at work.  It’s Demo day!

Also, this weekend, on Sunday, I’m reading at a poetry competition as I’m one of 10 finalists this year.  Excited to do so, will share the poem here after.



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