Day 4 | Spudded Leather – Potato Skins are like Leather when Baked

Last night I had trouble sleeping.  I think my body has depleted it’s glycogen stores.  Was less thirsty.  In the mornings I find I’m a little dehydrated, will need to load more water into me in the evening.

I’m feeling alright today, a little physically tired.

Glad to be going into the weekend now.

That is all, really. Today I found I thought a lot less about food in general.  A little craving this morning as I made my wife and son some toast and eggs.  But I ate some potatoes and am finding I *am* really looking forward to expanding my vegetable options, I’m not hungry.  I don’t find myself being very hungry.  It’s rather interesting, breaking the habbit parts of eating.  Eating only when hungry, not as a ritual, just as a necessity.



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