Day 5 & 6 | Humpty Dumpty

Okay, day 5 was yesterday, I know.  It wasn’t my best day.  While I maintained a significant caloric deficit, I had a crispy chicken sandwich about mid-day.  I should have started with some potatoes, but I did not.  It was a ‘routine attack’.  I was going to Tim Horton’s to pick up some coffee for my wife and myself, and in the past I’d pick up something for myself to eat as well.  I did that yesterday.

Instead of rolling on the ground feeling shame about it, I’m just moving forward with my 2 weeks of potatoes.  While I eagerly anticipate the day I can add more vegetable varieties to my diet, I’ll get through this mostly unscathed.

I’m down about 12lbs from where I started.  Again, mostly water weight, but I’ve definitely had myself in ketosis, even while eating just potatoes.  The trick is the resistant starch does wonders for your gut bacteria.  The concept of resistant starch is new to me but here’s the scoop as I understand it.

Resistant starch is something from which we gather no calories, but from which the bacteria living in our gut feasts.  The good bacteria.  The kind that prefers plants.  The kind that are at odds with the bacteria that thrives on meat and animal products.

A potato, if heated and then cooled, even if re-heated after that, gains a chunk of resistant starch.  They convert some of their contents to resistant starch.  This is great!  Cook a bunch of potatoes and let them cool, then heat them up and eat them any time, or eat them cool for extra un-paletability.    A good way of driving yourself to only eat when truly hungry, which is rare throughout the day.

Well, onward to the rest of Sunday.  See you folks.




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