The Daily Good | 2018-09-26

To set it right, one thing must happen at a time.  There is only directly in front, and then directly in front of that.  I’ve been dealing with, in turn, conflicts about time being wasted, too much stress around time being wasted, too much stress about it stressing me out too much, time in general, the ever present overwhelming feeling of being ‘late to the party’ in every regard, the ever present feeling that my 20’s were spent going down pathways both personal and professional that were dead ends.

I find it way to easy to become lost in those kinds of thoughts, sometimes, so I try to remind myself that I am happy right now.  That since I am happy, I probably should not be too upset with the passage of time in my 20’s.  Obviously any lessons learned have been absorbed in decent measure.  Instead I need to focus on doing something that is in front of me right now.

Something.  Anything.

Today, I fixed a closet door that was causing some problems.  I also spent time maintaining the smooth running of the home.  I also spent time with my family.  I managed to get a shower in, and do some work with the bees in prep for winter.

I’m going to try and do one thing a day to combat a ‘broken window’ in my life, to continue to propel myself forward with a sense of achievement and purpose even on those days that it may be very foggy indeed, and the sun very much obscured.

Cheers, mates, you’re all tops.