Christmas Tree Day, 2016

It has been 26 years of tradition.  Each year, on the 1st Saturday of December, the Fera brood and friends head out into the woods and hunt the ever elusive perfect Christmas tree.  Next year, in 2017, it will be the first time that my own branch of the Fera family retrieves their tree in this manner.  After over a decade and a half of city living in small apartments and condos I’m very  much looking forward to moving up and out of the city to where nature still reigns supreme, right down to the region’s laws and bylaws.

2016 was a fantastic year for my family and I.  We gave birth to our son, Ash Fidelio Ratcliffe Fera.  We planned and executed our wedding and Ana and I danced under the stars there on September 10th.  We searched for and purchased a home.  Fantastic fundamental bedrock-building things.

2016 was also a tough year with tough news and outcomes.  So many fantastic celebrities playing poker with each other in the hearts and minds of all who remember them.  A country south of my own who is in a state of turmoil from the recent election.  My thoughts go out to anyone that has recently become a victim of abuse due to those acting as if ‘White Supremacist’ ideology is now ok by everyone.  It is not okay with me.  Most of my life I’ve been guilty of passively shaking my head and looking the other way to casual racism and xenophobia.  I’m searching myself these past few weeks to try and think of a good way to build bridges of understanding to those who can be reached.  I’m also trying to be more vocally and vehemently opposed to that kind of action or speech by those who cross my sphere of influence.  In Canada we’re at a dangerous point where the currently elected PM is waffling on some of his fundamental platforms that got him elected.  That will very likely lead to disillusioned splitting of votes and resurgence of extremism here as well.  It’s my goal to try and unite rather than divide by way of common stories.

We are all human and we all have common stories; the largest and smallest of which is being born at all.

On that note, I want to leave you all with a promise to work at being a better person as I move forward on my own thread of life; and a better ally to those around me who need them more than ever before. (But have needed them long before my taking a more active stand.)

And here’s a first of more to come.  A film starring my son, my wife, and our spider plant.  A Christmas Story, 2016.

In the immortal words of someone for whom I have much respect, Captain Disillusion:

“Love with your hearts, but use your head for everything else.”

Shane Fera