So, I'm 10,000 words down the tunnel of one novella.  I'm 1200 words down the direction of a novel trilogy I want to write.  I really should be doing a lot more plotting about the world of the novel in which I want to write.  I should just free-form it, too.  In any case, I wanted to share some of how writing daily for 54 days has affected me.

I find I'm thinking more about writing and plotting.  Ideas come to me either more frequently, or I'm now more inclined to make sure I put them down on paper before they drift away back into the void.  There's no more mentality of "Oh, if it's a good enough idea, it'll come back around when I'm in a better position to write it down."  That went away, and thank goodness for that.  I'm never in a great position to write things down these days, except while I'm at work and in front of my computer.

The kids, family, friends, and just being outside take me away from the convenient places where I can jot things down, but as I said I'm more inclined to take a moment to come back to a place I can write when I need to.

I'm finding I'm appreciating and observing what I'm watching and reading with a different lense now.  Partly because I'm a parent now and partly because I'm writing daily.  I'm finding I want to re-read and re-watch older things I haven't seen or read in a long time just to re-up my understanding of them and allow my new lense a perspective other than the stored memory-feelings I have from back when I was a different person.

Since I've been writing daily, I've also found it easier to start stacking good habits on top of that habit.  For some reason, it's like it was an ice breaker, or a shifter of my paradigm.  So now I just have a few things I'm doing daily.  Maybe it will increase, maybe it will decrease, but because of my 5 year goal, writing is my daily thing that is my minimum.

So far so good.