The Knee.

Never before have I taken something for granted as I have the act of kneeling on the ground, and never has that been punished as much as it has right now.

Recently I began doing some planting in my garden, for the coming season, and I knelt on top of a rock.  Pain.  But it went away, then some time later I was bending down with my knees, as one does, to pick something up and I collapsed to the ground because of the intense pain in that knee.

It feels like I've stirred up my old knee injury in a bad way.  I can't bring myself to kneel and garden right now.  The pain is not always there, but when it is, by the time it starts to act up, it's too late and my weight and momentum of starting to kneel just adds pain to pain.  There's no turning back, but a collapse all the way to the ground.


So, I have not been gardening as I have wanted to be doing, and some of my plants need to get into the ground.  I've had trouble playing with my kids, and it's driving me nuts.

I guess I'll try to see what I can do, but it's just an awkward painful dragging around.

If it doesn't get better in another couple of weeks of my not putting it under too much duress, I'll have to go in and see a doctor about it.  I feel like there's just some kind of cartilage floating around, likely, and putting pressure where my body doesn't want it to be from time to time.

For now, peace.