Today was a hot day, which is generally uncomfortable.  The kind of heat derived by both temperature and humidity both.  A Water helps while you're in it kind of day.  My general feeling of discomfort was compounded by the fact that my head/body has become a barometer, indicating that a change is coming sometime soon.

The feeling is very much a feeling like I have too much blood in my veins today.  Like the heat has expanded that fluid in my body to uncomfortable proportions to any expansion that might have happened on the tubes and pipes flowing that stuff around.

This is a complaining post, sure, and an historic record that this day happened.  And that even on a day like today, where my goal was just to get through it without becoming too unlike myself, that even today I am thankful I am here to complain about it.  I'm thankful my children had a blast today in the water, playing outside.  I'm thankful my strawberry plants are growing strong, that my other plants are too.  

I'm thankful and acknowledge it is gratitude that needs to win today.

So here I am.  I'm grateful to be able to relay to you this complain, you of the Aether.