I sit on the edge of week 28, staring down its gullet and thinking about what it will bring.  This week, at work, a pivotal team member is away so I'll be stepping in to help manage that load on the team.  This week, a friend is coming for a visit.  This week, I need to start the engine of writing again as it pertains to my novella.  I've 'lost the plot' as it were, when it comes to momentum.  I've lost sight of the ultimate goal of just producing the words and refining later.  My critic, and resistance, have got hold of me again.

So, I need to blow them off.  I have 1400 words of my novella.  I need to pick up the chase again, and just write.  Write to tedium, write as though the act of writing words will save my life.  Write so that the part of my brain that usually guesses how something will end, can begin to guess what should come next in the writing.

The week that just was, was a good week.  We worked on our budget, we rolled through some large number of todo tasks, did some gardening, and made it through the week.

So lets get cracking, shall we?