sometimes it bites you
in the ass
and you keep walking because you think
'if i stop and draw attention to myself, it'll be worse'
but really it's obvious you were bitten in the ass
so it would have been better to address the problem in the first place
but no, this is who you are now, this is who you've become
you got bit in the ass and keep walking

and then one day near your 40's you bite it in the ass

and you regret your decision

you think it must have needed help all along
and was genuinely torturing itself by biting other people in the ass
and you feel sorry for it briefly
before the weight of all your life choices up to this moment
hits you in the gut

not in the same way as having been bit in the ass
by it in your twenties
but in a similar way

this time you address it though
because you damn well learn from your mistakes damnit

and that's what Monday sometimes feels like

and before you ask the question burning in the back of your mind

yes, yes it does