The city has been leaving my veins slowly since I moved away from it for a life away from the hustle, bustle, and pollutions of light, sound, and lung.

I guess it makes sense that it's been vanishing away from my psyche given it's been two and a half years now since I left it behind.  It'll never go completely, there are things I love about the city and always will, but I prefer my doses now in small measures at a time.

There's a certain psychic damage that begins to grow the longer I'm here, homesickness for the quiet and quite calm nature of where I now reside.

I'm writing of this now because I'm in the city for a few days and I feel the shift more than ever this time.  As much as I'm partaking of the things I love about the city, I know that I will breathe a sigh of relief to set foot back on my peninsula.