It's hard to shut it down, sometimes.  The everything at our fingertips.  I mean, we worked hard for this.  All the world's knowledge at our fingertips.  Unending learning.

So, I find it hard to shut it down sometimes and just sit in silence as I have so often while growing up.  My life is a double helix of nature and technology swimming around the central conceit of having been lucky enough to have been born where I have been, to the parents I have been, at the time I have been.  The rise of personal technology.

I suppose if it had been earlier, I may have tinkered in electronics in a more fundamental way.  Transistors, resisters, wires, receivers.  The radio.  Rocket building.  Chemistry sets.

Later though, and I don't know.  It's something I think about though.  What would have been the 'thing' for me, growing up had I been born 15 years later than I was.  What would have had the same gravity for me, and sucked me in so completely.

I think I'm so in love with the show Halt and Catch Fire because it matches the nearly exact things that caught my passion growing up, each in turn.  Computer games, computers, BBS', the Internet, and then... more the internet.  The gates to the internet went wide open around the same time I was entering my Adult Infancy.  Early 20's in the early 00's.  

Content creation began to give way to content digestion.  There was; there is so much to consume.  To digest.  It's readily available any time I want.  I do not have to sit in any in-between states if I choose not to do so.

So here I sit, creating something about shutting it down.  Because there's no enforced 'in-between' states.  Because the tap is always open.  Because I am lucky for it to be so for me in my life.  Because of all these things I have a hard time shutting it down.  I love stories.  I love to digest stories.

I need to make space for an in-between time beyond the 15 minute showers I get from time to time.

I need to shut it down and let it react with itself from time to time.  All that knowledge, all those stories, all that content.