I've been thinking a great deal about identity lately.  About how much of our identity are based on stories we told ourself once and just kept telling ourself since.  I think while it isn't going to be a guiding principle this year, 'Who am I' will very much be a theme you'll likely see in blog posts and things I'm reading.  

I suppose the start of a year is a good time to express this examination.  To expound everything I'm going to do in the new year and make resolutions.  I have a place where I review the past year, and project out the coming year.  I'll post a link to both below:

My 2018 Year in Review

My 2019 in Advance (To be finalized)

In summation, 2018 was a huge failure for specific numeric goals I had set.  The kind you do something each day, each month, etc.  I'd like to lay the blame for that on the coattails of having a newborn come into the world in April, as well as everything that led up to and came after that.  I think I'm okay with how 2018 went, despite all my grand aspirations.  

One thing I started for 2018 is having a 'guiding principle' that I would try to hold in my mind's eye through decision points in 2018.  I think, generally, I held to my principle "Don't dilly dally.".

For 2019, I wanted to do something different again still.  Given my work largely revolves around an Agile methodology, I have found it bleeding into my personal life with gusto from time to time and this exercise is no exception.

My guiding principle for 2019 is 'Is it healthy?'

For 2019 I'm setting monthly goals for changes I want to try in my life.  The idea is that it will allow me to try out changes for a limited time that I can thereafter decide to quit or continue.  

For January, I want to meditate daily for at least 10 minutes a day.

That's all I have right now, we'll see how it goes.  We'll see what changes 2019 brings, and what the future holds.  It's a big wide world and I'm not just beholden to the stories I've told about myself before.  I can write new chapters, and even edit past stories to be more in the voice I appreciate now.  

Here's to a happy new year, to you and all of yours.