So far meditation has been daily and on track.  I'm specifically using the 'Waking Up' app and series of meditations from Sam Harris.  His style is a little more 'heady' than the Headspace series of meditations and I'm enjoying their thought provoking nature as I learn to harness the power of focus and attention.

As January has gone on, I've also found another tool to be quite helpful.   You can find it here, it's fantastic, open source, and free as an app at least on android, probably free on ios as well given the open source tag.

Loop Habit Tracker

With that tool I've put in some other items that I want to do more of to track if I get to it in a day or not.  That's playing guitar, and drinking at least 4 litres of water a day.

I feel like I'll gradually be adding to this app as I go through my time this year, and I'll be able to have a picture of the previous year once I reach the end of it again.  I can then use this metric as a gauge of success in my retrospective on the year.

I think I've also set a goal to write on this blog at least within each week or block of 7 days.  I wrote on the 1st, now on the 8th.

I suppose even if it's a weekly summary I should be able to hit this target pretty well.  We'll see how it goes.