Outside of work, I've taken to writing daily, and slaying the beast of resistance constantly.  It's become second nature for me to just find time in the day to spit out my 400 words towards my goal of writing and completing my first novella.

I've focused, now, for 15 days in a row, making sure to give myself conscious attention towards that goal.  Even outside of writing those 400 words, I've continued to set up this blog, continued to write other things, or plan things out.

It's important to just do a thing each day that furthers you along the path towards your goals.  Even one thing towards a goal you have is a fantastic way to keep the train moving instead of letting it stop and have to put in energy getting it up to speed again. Doing a thing, anything, helps keep the train at whatever speed it's currently going.

400 words a day is not a great deal.  It's certainly less than the 1000 words a day some recommend, and less even than the half of that that a friend of mine is doing, but my goal is to re-learn the lesson attached to the idea that chipping away at something daily, constantly, gets you to the finish line far faster than you might think possible.

I may ramp up one day, I don't know.  Right now, it's just enough to be able to cross my X on the day having done at least a thing.

Set a goal to support or direct yourself to your happiness.  Do a think each day towards that goal.  Feel what happens to you as the days roll by and you can honestly say you work towards your goal each and every day.



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