I'm noticing something about the way I'm writing my characters.  They are stiff.  In the draft on which I'm working, they seem to be little surprised by every eventuality of plot progression.  Surprise that I try to write in feels forced.

Trying to dissect this further, it makes sense.  I'm me, writing about my characters.  I know what's going to happen to some extent and it's bleeding into my character's written experiences.  I'll have to work on that in my edits, and after some time has passed.  

This first pass will be a rough form of a character, further refined in the edit pass that I"ll have to do before the year is out.  Once I get to 40000 words.  I can't let it hamstring me now that this is a problem I have with my characters.  I'm just setting down the foundation of the story.  The pipeworks, the tunnels, the foundation, the baseboards.

I can wait to build the walls, set the trim, wallpaper, shutters, curtains, carpets, later.