00035 - Water on Three Sides Please

The city has been leaving my veins slowly since I moved away from it for a life away from the hustle, bustle, and pollutions of light, sound, and lung. I guess it makes sense that it's been vanishing away from my psyche given it's been two and a half years

00034 - The World is Great

I sometimes feel as though I'm a hair's breadth close to seeing some kind of full picture.  Of all of this.  I sometimes go to inhale and then catch myself because I'm afraid that if I continue it'll shatter the nearly perfect image I have of a moment.  An image

00033 - Shut it Down

It's hard to shut it down, sometimes.  The everything at our fingertips.  I mean, we worked hard for this.  All the world's knowledge at our fingertips.  Unending learning. So, I find it hard to shut it down sometimes and just sit in silence as I have so often while growing

00032 - Weight of the World

ate by neutron star Honest Ed's, 'fore the gravity took it all away

00031 - Home's Bounty (Oxeye Daisy)

Leaves and shoots, chopped in salads, but pungent. Use sparingly. The roots, early in the spring, can be eaten raw. The flowers too, can be eaten, but apparently palatability can vary.

00030 - Home's Bounty (Cow Vetch)

It's called that in part because of the look of the flower, with all flowering bodies on one side mimicking the look of a scrub brush, but also apparently because a tea made from this plant will clear out your system.

00029 - Home's Bounty (Musk Mallow)

The Musk Mallow is edible. The leaves, flowers, and seeds are all edible and mild. It grows pretty wild on our property in many places within our field.

00028 - Home's Bounty (St. John's Wort)

St. John's Wort. You have probably heard of this one somewhere along the way. It's been used for centuries in different ways but the primary way it's been utilized and accepted for use is mostly around the treatment of mild to moderate depression.
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