I watched a video this week that called out the enemy by name, and I found satisfaction in watching it squirm inside me.


The enemy of momentum, I found its name and it wriggled inside me uncomfortable being under a spotlight.

As someone who thrived in procrastination as a child at school, pulling out my best stuff for zero-hour, I thought it would always be that way.  I found as I grew and realized that there was nothing I'd ever really have to do.  That I was beholden to nothing, really, in life.  It was then that procrastination lost its edge and I lost the magic of the last-minute miracle.

There was no last-minute that mattered enough to regularly evoke rolling up my sleeves and getting down to the business of creating. Not for something as 'trivial' as a chosen side-craft outside of my money to wallet to mouth routine at the daily office. Procrastination power became meagre Resistance.  Dust in the newer model Macbook keyboard. An enemy of progress.

The video called it out as the enemy and I felt it was true.  It went on to further talk about the difference between a pro and an amateur.  That inspiration doesn't always flow like milk and honey in the promised land. That it takes showing up day in and day out, through all the bubbles of reasons not to do a thing.  

Flow can happen, will happen, but it doesn't happen every day.  It's hard work for a thing not to be hard work. You must first slay the dragon of resistance, which resurrects daily, and make your way to the inner chamber.  You must pass by the baubles, and the gold, and the hot tubs and make your way to where it keeps its most prized and coveted treasure. Potential.

You must take that potential and turn it into the fruit of your blood sweat and tears.

So I'm trying to write at least 200 words a day.  I feel that it's a little low, and I don't care right now.  I might raise it eventually.  The point is to practice killing resistance.  The point is to daily step over the corpse of everything that wants me to not write and sit down at the table of potential and just do the thing.

This message is for myself, but maybe for some of you as well.  Just do the thing.